The Healing Power Of Music

We see it every day: residents who seem trapped in their own bodies, their memories of things they once held dear lost in a fog of confusion. What if something as simple as a song could change this? A program called MUSIC & MEMORY℠ could do just that.

MUSIC & MEMORY℠ is an innovative approach to dementia care that is easy to implement and can offer real benefits for your facility, your staff and, of course, your residents. MUSIC & MEMORY℠ uses customized playlists on digital music players to enhance the lives of residents in long-term care settings like your nursing home.

You can see the MUSIC & MEMORY℠ program in action by watching the award-winning documentary film, Alive Inside, currently available on Netflix, iTunes and home video. The film demonstrates the use of MUSIC & MEMORY℠ in New York nursing homes.

How it Works

Music & MemorySM is an innovative approach to dementia care pioneered by Dan Cohen and supported by neuroscience research. Thanks to a grant from the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, the Kansas Ombudsman's Office is excited to bring this program to our state.

Through Music & MemorySM, individuals listen to their favorite music through the popular iPod digital music player. Music & MemorySM trains nursing home staff, other elder care professionals and family caregivers how to create and provide personalized playlists that enable those struggling with dementia to reconnect with the world through memories triggered by the music they love. The process builds lasting, caring relationships and improves the care experience for all involved.

Kansas Music and Memory Project